Children & Youth SPOA/A

  Agency/Program Name
  Oneida County Department of Mental Health - Children and Youth SPOA/A


  120 Airline Street
Suite 200
Oriskany, NY  13424
  Contact Person Telephone Fax
Elaine Angwin                                      (315) 768-3659               (315) 768-3670


  Program Description
  Single Point of Access into children's service delivery system.  The Department of Mental Health interfaces with both the Department of Social Services and Probation to assess identified children with severe emotional behavioral disturbance and coordinate services to these youth and their families based on the level of risk and identified needs.
  Admission Criteria
  Tier I - Mental Health primary SPOA/A Committee.  A child must have a mental health diagnosis and have exhausted community-based services and be at risk of out of home placement if more intensive services are not implemented.
  Treatment Services

Tier I is a pathway into interim, short-term wraparound services, as well as longer-term mental health and county programs.




  Discharge Criteria
  Children are closed through their Tier I process once services are in place and initiated
  Hours of Operation

8:30AM - 4:30PM Monday-Friday  Appointments are scheduled after business hours with families as needed

  Additional Comments/Features of Program