Directory of Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disabilities

Agency/Program Name
  Central New York Services, Inc. - Forensic Evaluation Unit


  411 Oriskany Street West
Utica, NY  13502
  Contact Person
(315) 735-2281
(315) 734-1865


  Program Description
  The Court Evaluation Unit provides individuals involved with the Oneida County criminal justice system an opportunity to address the cause of their being arrested through alternative sentencing.  Those served by this program include:  the mentally ill, mentally retarded/developmentally disabled, mentally ill/chemical abuser, alcohol/drug abuser, and people who lack anger management or interpersonal relationship skills.

During the evaluation process, problem areas are identified and a plan is devised to address the needs.  The plan may include referrals to community providers for help addressing the cause leading to arrest, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for future court involvement.  Recommendations are made to the Court, who then incorporates needed treatment into the alternatives to incarceration sentence.

The Court Evaluation Unit monitors all individual accepting services as alternatives to jail sentences and reports to the Court on progress and compliance with treatment programs.

  Admission Criteria

Referral from the courts

  Treatment Services



None Charged 


  Discharge Criteria
  Condition of sentence
  Hours of Operation

8:30 - 4:30 Monday - Friday


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