The Salvation Army

Agency:  The Salvation Army

Volunteer Projects:  Community Garden, Intergenerational Fall Clean-Up, Holiday Dinners

Summary:  We endeavor to keep our kids involved in the community as much as possible.  It is very important to us that our kids have a well-rounded view of the world around them and seek to meet the needs of their neighbors.  Our community garden teaches the kids the importance of taking care of nature.  Along with hands on gardening, they learn the benefits of eating fresh produce instead of processed foods.

In October, we participated in the Annual Fall Clean-Up here in Utica.  Our kids volunteered their time to take care of some of the needs of 2 elderly people in our community.  There they learned the importance of taking care of people who can't take care of themselves.

During the holiday season, our kids helped us serve dinners to over 200 people in the community.