Benefits - Educational Institutions

Education Facilities - Youth Court programs provide tremendous educational opportunities to local students, which inevitably benefits schools through the following....

Oneida County Youth Court works specifically with many school officials to expand the program, educate the students and develop a secure 
school environment.


  • The tremendous opportunity to make significant personal and organizational contacts relating to interests and potential career choices
  • A forum to learn about multiple agencies' missions, structures and policies
  • Valuable educational training regarding the judicial system
  • An opportunity to develop and enhance:
    • Public speaking skills
    • Argument construction and defense
    • Information analysis

Better School Environment

Schools are similar to communities in the sense that when a student is disciplined for a particular offense, it adds to the overall order of that particular school.  When schools are orderly and teachers are provided a legitimate opportunity to teach, 
the education process flourishes.

  • When an offender commits an offense and receives constructive punishment, that offender will be less likely to continue that behavior in the future, as they fully know the consequences of their actions.
  • Offenders are often forced to do service within the school that they have harmed.  This connects offenders to the school in a positive manner, while also helping to better the overall school environment through beautification (cleaning, painting, etc),
  • When students see peers receive punishment for offenses, they are less inclined to commit similar acts.
  • Offenders are kept in school, whereas alternative punishment could be the suspension process.  The suspension process is time-consuming for administrators, and it often keeps students out of school, the last place they should be after committing an offense.

The opportunity for School Credit

  • Proctor Students - Starting Summer 2005, Government students will have the chance to earn class credit for Mr. Parrotta's government class upon completing training, passing the bar exam and attending/evaluating court sessions.
  • This will serve as a pilot program for the rest of the government classes, who may have a similar option in 2006-2007.

Easy, Cheap Alternative

  • Youth Court brings offenders, faculty and other students into the punishment and problem-solving aspect of school offenses.
  • The recent PINS diversion law also applies to school districts, which must now go to extra lengths to avoid the placement of students in facilities.  They must meet four district criteria in order to successfully transfer a youth into a facility.
  • Youth Court can serve as an initial diversion program (pre-PINS).