The Passport/Naturalization office will be open by appointment only, starting June 12, 2020.

For appointments call:  315-798-5778 or 315-798-5779

No walk- ins for any service. Example: Photo’s; naturalization searches; notary renewals ect…

The Oneida County Clerk’s Passport Office is a passport application acceptance agency.  We offer guidance in filling out applications and we have picture service available.

Our office is located on the 6th floor of the Oneida County Office building.  Our office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Our phone number is (315) 798-5778 or e-mail

Passport applications are available in our office or on the following internet web site:

When to apply:

You will need to apply within approximately 18 weeks prior to your departure date. If your travel destination requires a visa, be sure and allow and additional 6 weeks.  For more information go to the following internet site:

If you need to travel sooner, you may expedite the application for an additional fee of $60.00.  This would enable you to receive your passport within approximately 12 weeks.

For emergency travel or life or death situation, you may call 1-877-487-2778 and set up an appointment with one of the Passport Issuing Agencies closest to your geographical area.

Documentation to be submitted:

1. A vital statistic birth certificate with a raised seal with the parent’s information on the document is required as of April 1st 2011.  It must include an original filing or recorded date within one year from the date of birth.  It must also have an embossed raised seal.  In place of a birth certificate you may submit a valid or expired passport or an original naturalization  certificate.  The original documents must be submitted along with   your passport application.  They will be returned with your new passport.  For children 15 years and younger, different rules apply.   Please refer to the web site below:

2. Two (2) identical photos 2”x 2” in size.  Passport photos may be taken in our office for $15.00 per set.

3. Valid government issued photo identification is required for all applicants.  Parent’s photo identification is required for all minors.    

4. Passport fees are as follows:

a. Age 16 and over ……. $110.00 for a 10 year passport.

b. Age 15 and younger …$80.00 for a 5 year passport.

The passport fee is payable by check or money order.

Our office does not accept credit cards.      


The Oneida County Clerk execution fee of $35.00 plus an additional $15.00 photo fee plus $2.00 copy fee for a total of $52.00 - is payable by money order or cash.


  • For large groups of twenty or more arrangement can be made with our clerks to meet with your group at a time and place mutually agreed upon.
  • Applicants with questions on birth evidence or identification should contact our passport clerk for specific instructions.

Picture Service:

Picture service is available for other documents that require a passport size photo. The fee for this service is $15.00 for a set of two photos.

Travel web site: