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COVID – 19 Procedures:

Message from the Oneida County District Attorney:

The Oneida County District Attorney’s Office is open and conducting operations within the constraints of the restrictions imposed by Federal, State and Local Officials. The Office is closed to visitors at this time. If you need to contact the District Attorney’s Office regarding a non-emergency matter, it is recommended that you e-mail the office at

Criminal Matters

New York State Courts throughout Oneida County are closed until further notice. Criminal Court will only operate for arraignments on criminal matters and preliminary hearings on felonies. This closure impacts all State, County, Town and Village Courts. It is anticipated, AT THIS JUNCTURE, that the closures will continue until on or after April 30, 2020 for most matters.

The Oneida County Courthouse will house all criminal court proceedings until further notice. If you have a pending criminal charge, please contact your legal counsel for guidance.

Traffic Infractions

The Courts are not conducting traffic arraignments at this time. If you have a pending traffic infraction, please direct your inquiries to the Court in which the matter is pending for guidance as to when Court will return to session.

Attorneys for persons who are charged with a traffic infraction, or persons representing themselves for a traffic infraction, may contact the District Attorney’s Office’s Traffic Resolution Unit at to determine if they are eligible for the Traffic Diversion Program or other mitigation. Please e-mail a clear copy of your traffic citation and any materials that you wish to be considered along with your request for diversion or other mitigation so that a determination may be made. If you are deemed eligible for diversion or some other mitigation, an e-mail will be forwarded to you with instructions about what option has been deemed appropriate for your situation. If you are deemed ineligible for diversion or some other mitigation, you will receive notification of that ineligibility and will be directed back to the Court where your ticket is returnable. If you are unsure about how to contact your court, please visit: The New York State Court 5th Judicial Court Locator may be found at

If you are deemed eligible for the STOP-DWI Program or Alive@25 Program, the program coordinator can be reached by phone at 315-765-2586 or by email at

If you are deemed eligible to complete the Advent eLearning Traffic Safety Program, you may register at:


The Oneida County District Attorney's Office has 21 Assistant District Attorneys which cover the 45 diverse village, town, city and county courts in Oneida County.

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