Department Staff

The Office of the District Attorney maintains a staff of professional and experienced prosecutors and support personnel.

Michael A. Coluzza, Esq.

Grant J. Garramone, Esq.

Laurie Lisi, Esq.
Todd C. Carville, Esq.
Sarah F. DeMellier, Esq.
William J. Barry, III, Esq.
Stephanie N. Singe, Esq.
Paul S. Kelly, Esq.
Travis J. Yoxall, Esq.
Maria Murad Blais, Esq.
Rebecca G. Kelleher, Esq.
Kimberly R. Sudakow, Esq.
Sara D. Lupi, Esq.
Jennifer M. Scholl, Esq.
Angelo J. Partipelo, Esq.
Amanda M. Tucciarone, Esq.
Michael A. LaBella, Esq.
Nicholas T. Fletcher, Esq.
Rachel B. McNamara, Esq.
Andrew K. Rahme, Esq.
Dawn C. Lupi, Esq.

Brad M. Pietryka, Chief Investigator
Daniel R. Sullivan, Senior Confidential Investigator
Scott D. Cifonelli, Senior Confidential Investigator
David J. Matrulli, Senior Confidential Investigator
Tricia Nicholson-Scully, Senior Confidential Investigator
Shane Yoxall, Senior Confidential Investigator
James Watson, Senior Confidential Investigator
Edwin D'Alessandro, Senior Confidential Investigator
Donald Cinque, Senior Confidential Investigator

Michele M. Lockwood, Grand Jury Reporter
Jessica VanWieren, Victim-Witness Coordinator
Emily Griffith, Victim-Witness Coordinator
Kristina Hart, Confidential Secretary
Kevin M. Nugent, Planning Specialist
Rachael Kukowski, Principal Office Specialist
Maryrose Tucker, Paralegal Assistant
Charitee Wright, Paralegal Assistant
Michelle Ellis, Paralegal Assistant

Joseph Luker, Special Patrol Officer
Terrance Oczkowski, Special Patrol Officer
Doreen Rich, Special Patrol Officer
Mark Pape, Special Patrol Officer


Felony Unit/Grand Jury:
Laurie Lisi, Bureau Chief
Special Victims Unit:
Laurie Lisi, Bureau Chief
C.O.P.S Unit:
Todd C. Carville, Bureau Chief
Narcotics Unit:
Sarah F. DeMellier, Bureau Chief
Appeals Unit:
Evan A. Esswein, Chief Appellate Counsel
Nicholas Fletcher, FOIL Officer
Evan A. Esswein, FOIL Appeals
Investigation Unit
Brad Pietryka, Chief Investigator
Local Court Unit:
Maria M. Blais, Bureau Chief



 Special Victim's Bureau

The Special Victim's Bureau of the Oneida County District Attorney's Office is responsible for prosecuting cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault of adults and children, and serious physical abuse and homicides of children.

The Special Victim's bureau is comprised of three assistant district attorneys.  As part of the prosecution of these matters the attorneys work closely with victim advocates, child protective workers and other members of the community who are involved in providing services to victims of domestic and sexual violence.  This bureau of the district attorney's office is also closely involved with the Children's Advocacy Center, a multidisciplinary team, which investigates allegations of sexual and serious physical abuse of children under the age of seventeen.

Narcotics Investigative Unit

The Narcotics Investigative Unit (NIU) is a unit within the office of the Oneida County District Attorney tasked with the responsibility of prosecuting cases involving the possession, sale, and distribution of narcotics and marijuana, the unlawful possession of firearms and explosives, gang related criminal activities, organized crime, vice and gambling related offenses.

NIU attorney's review search warrants to be presented to the courts of this county, and document that probable cause exists for the application for the warrant and that the target location, person, vehicle, etc. is entered into a law enforcement database called Unified Drug Enforcement Coordination System (UDECS) to prevent infringing on other agencies' investigations, and to enhance officer safety.

The NIU also provides training on search and seizure issues as requested by the Mohawk Valley Police Academy and local law enforcement agencies.  The NIU has also partnered with the Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN) to sponsor training to law enforcement officers in Oneida County.

NIU attorney's also participate in joint law enforcement efforts such as the ONDCP's Weed and Seed Program, the national Project Safe Neighborhoods firearms interdiction program (locally designated as Project FED-UP), and the New York State sponsored "Impact" program.  The NIU is also responsible for the forfeiture of assets seized from those who profit from the sale and distribution of drugs.

Grand Jury Bureau

The Oneida County District Attorney’s Office Grand Jury Bureau is tasked with scheduling, including subpoenaing of witnesses and pertinent documents, of all Felony cases that have been chosen for presentment to a Grand Jury of Oneida County.  Further duties include filing a report of indicted cases to Oneida County Court.  The Grand Jury Bureau consists of a Bureau Chief, two Court reporters and a Victim/Witness Coordinator.

Investigation Unit

The Investigation Unit of the District Attorney's Office is currently made up of five sworn police officers who investigate criminal cases throughout Oneida County.  The main duties of the criminal investigator include locating witnesses and victims for the purpose of county court trials or grand jury action, participating in multi-agency operations such as wiretaps and search warrants, serving local and county arrest warrants and assisting local law enforcement agencies when necessary.  In the normal course of business the criminal investigator conducts investigations and completes field interviews, takes statements from witnesses and victims and files charges and makes arrests when warranted.  Members of the unit conduct Truth Verification examinations and are N.I.T.V. certified; also a member is assigned to Utica Drug Court as a warrant officer who locates participants who have absconded from the drug treatment program and returns them to the court.

C.O.P.S. Bureau

The Community Outreach Prosecution Strategies Bureau, or COPS Bureau, focuses on crime reduction strategies within targeted communities in Oneida County.  The Bureau oversees Oneida County's Operation IMPACT Program and the Gang Intervention Task Force, among other grant-funded initiatives.

The COPS Bureau is presently overseeing the implementation of fixed-position cameras in high crime areas, installation of equipment for videotaping suspects' confessions, and Oneida County's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives Program.  These projects are funded through state and federal grants, benefitting Oneida County without cost to taxpayers