Department of Mental Health

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The Oneida County Department of Mental Health is dedicated to being a leader in the areas of Mental Health, Substance Abuse Recovery, and Developmental Disabilities. You will find our Mission Statement below that encompasses our goals and objectives to ensure that we remain community oriented while coordinating initiatives that deliver quality programs, enhancing you or your loved ones quality of life.

2021 Innovation & Improvement Fund

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The Department of Mental Health provides oversight to the planning, monitoring and reviewing of services for individuals with mental illness, addiction, and developmental disabilities.  Through State Aid Funding, the county is able to contract with community agencies that provide the best care and services possible.  While navigating this site, you will find programs and services specific to your individualized need and how to get started, or seek additional services.

We find that the most difficult barrier to services is getting started;

“Who do I call?”

“How do I know what services will benefit me?”

“What services are out there?”

“Where do I look for care/services that I need?”

Getting the help you need in a way that allows you to remain in control of your future is the first step.

This site will assist you in navigating the care and services you are looking for based on your goals and your commitment to a successful outcome and best possible future for you.  Through a collaborative effort we can build a service system that supports a streamlined approach to evidence based care.

Mental Health Mission Statement
Legislature Passes Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Parity Report Act

 Ashlee Thompson MHA, MSEd, Master CASAC
Oneida County Department of Mental Health
Phone: (315) 768-3660
Fax:  (315) 768-3670

Emily Ofalt, LMSW
Director of Adult Mental Health 
Oneida County Department of Mental Health
120 Airline Street, Suite 200
Oriskany, NY  13424
Phone: 315-768-3667
Fax: 315-768-3670

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