Land Record Index

A Message From Your County Clerk Sandy DePerno:

I am pleased to announce at this time that the verified Oneida County Land Record Index will now be available on-line. I assure everyone that these verified indices contain no personal information , nor will any personal information appear on the web site during my tenure. Due to an overwhelming response, I feel that this index will be vital to the people who need to use these records, but let me assure you your security is of my upmost importance. These indices will be compatible to other County Clerk systems that are also secure now and in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding. As always your County Clerk is working for you striving to make customer service easier. If you have any concerns about this web site you may contact the Office of the County Clerk at (315) 798-5776, e-mail or fax (315) 798-6440.

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