How Records are Stored Now


New Records Center on Route 233 in Westmoreland. 
The location was picked for a number of factors. It 
was cost effective, it was a reuse of an existing 
building, and it was large enough to accommodate 
the records center for long term growth.

Side view of the records center. By using an existing structure it saved the taxpayers significant dollars.

Another side view of the records center. The building is 80’ x 190’. It has approximately 15,977 square feet of 
floor space

Front entrance

Inside front entrance is a vehicle unloading area. 
This feature helps to save on heating costs

Inside the Records Center. Through competitive grants, was able to get funding for shelving from the State Archive.

Books on shelving. Once they were taken out of the basement of the Court House they were cleaned up 
and organized.

Some documents from the 1800’s. The building holds many different document types that date back 
to the late 1700’s.


Brian Hughes is a college student on summer break. 
He is earning some money for school by indexing 
the records. He is holding a bar code scan. When 
a record leaves the building it is scanned in and out.

Shelving waiting for boxes. The records center is projected to meet Oneida County ’s needs for climatic controlled records retention for a least 50 years.


Tax assessment books sorted by towns

Clean and neat and built to last for future generations