How Records Used to be Stored


During the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s the County stored records in the vacant Broad Acres nursing Home in Deerfield

Storage at Broad Acres.

Storage at Broad Acres

Vandals had gotten into Broad Acres 

More records in the HSBC building. The books, from the early 1800’s, on the counter had gotten wet at Broad Acres and were stuck in the basement of the HSBC building.

Records were stored all over the building. The building was falling apart and something had to be done to protect  Oneida County’s heritage.

Every room was used for records storage.

More of the mess.

Staff spent a great deal of time saving documents that were strewn all over the former nursing home.

A room almost cleared out.

Grant money from the State Archives to clean up the records mess. Working on getting the records to the regional records center in proper order with summer time help. Kim Aubrey, Liz Condrey and Ashley Carper.

These had been stored in the basement of the Courthouse for over thirty years. They were so difficult to get to that many times even, if they were needed, court employees did not bother to pull them out.

Storage in the basement of the Courthouse

These records were in the 9th floor of the County Office Building. They were properly indexed and moved out of the prime office space to the records center in Westmoreland.


The basement was filled with records from the turn of the century. There were also number of records from the depression era.

These were stored in the HSBC building in downtown Utica. Better shape than Broad Acres, but still not acceptable.