Adult Mental Health Services: SPOA/A: Single Point of Access / Accountability

The Oneida County Department of Mental Health provides planning, oversight, support, monitoring and review of the Oneida County Adult Mental Health Delivery System.  The Department promotes Mental Health Recovery and Wellness and encourages the use of Evidence-Based Practices.

Adult Mental Health SPOA/A

The Adult Single Point of Access & Accountability (ASPOA/A) is the process for referring adults to case management, residential services, and for monitoring the referral process within Oneida County. A standardized referral packet has been developed which includes relevant clinical and social history and will assist in determining the appropriate level of care an individual needs. The goal is to create a system that promotes recovery-oriented services, which are widely available, flexible, personally tailored and responsive to individual needs. To be eligible for these services, the individual must meet certain criteria, including having a diagnosis of a serious mental illness, and be at risk or have a history of engaging in high-risk behaviors which have resulted in multiple hospitalizations or incarcerations.

A bi-monthly ASPOA/A meeting are comprised of a diverse group of service providers who use the meeting to discuss referrals and provide a forum for case discussion of high risk individuals.


Rebeccah Philipson
Adult SPOAA Coordinator
Oneida County Department of Mental Health
800 Park Avenue, 9th Floor
Utica, NY 13501
Phone: (315) 768-3660
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