Directory of Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disabilities

  Agency/Program Name
  Utica Drug Court


  411 Oriskany Street West
Utica, NY  13501
  Contact Person Telephone Fax
Kathy Spatuzzi                                  (315) 266-4645              (315) 724-6400


  Program Description
  Utica Drug Court is a 12 to 18 month supervised treatment program that is voluntary and includes regular court appearances before the Treatment Court Judge.  There are four phases that a participant moves through and certain criteria a participant must meet before progressing to the next phase.  The participant must attend a treatment facility and attend all scheduled sessions, submit to regular, random urine testing, and meet regularly with an assigned Probation Officer and/or Case Manager.  Support is given for achieving identified goals and sanctions are meted out for breaking the agreed upon rules.  Sanctions for non-compliance increase in intensity/severity from mild (eg. A written assignment), to moderate (eg. Earlier curfew), to severe (eg. Jail time).  Successful completion of the program results in dismissal of the charges, a clean/sober and stable lifestyle and employment or furthering of education that results in employment.
  Admission Criteria

Any non-violent offender, at least 16 years of age, who is charged with certain felonies or Class A or Class B misdemeanors, that has been determined to be drug-related (and not involve drug-sales).

  Treatment Services

Local treatment providers who may refer out for higher level of care when necessary and who receive participant back for continuing care.




  Discharge Criteria
  Successful completion of all four Phases of the Program, clean/sober for one year, GED, employed or enrolled in education or training program, residing in clean/sober housing, and completing an essay on why participant feels he/she is ready to complete the Program.
Possible termination from the Program Assault on treatment staff/provider, new violent crime, walking away from the Program or bench warrants served by the UPD.
  Hours of Operation

Currently, Thursday afternoon, 1:30PM until all participants have appeared and eligible offenders have signed on (or opted out and been ordered a PSI, with subsequent reassignment to Criminal Court).


  Additional Comments/Features of Program
  All community providers are encouraged to visit Utica Drug Court and attend the proceedings