Current Job Openings

Applications Accepted for the Following Titles

Title   Application Deadline
Must be received by:
Assistant Civil Engineer   09/30/2019
Assistant Engineer   09/30/2019
Building Maintenance Mechanic   10/03/2019
Commissioner of Planning   Until the position is filled
Computer Specialist   09/18/2019
Exam Monitor   09/20/2019
Principal Account Clerk   10/02/2019
Public Health Sanitarian   09/18/2019
Public Health Technician I   09/18/2019
Registered Professional Nurse   Until the position is filled
Senior Clerk (part-time)   10/03/2019
Senior Confidential Investigator   09/30/2019
Senior Support Investigator   10/02/2019
Social Services Investigator   10/02/2019
Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Helper   09/24/2019
Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Worker   09/24/2019