Mohawk River Greenway Planning

Introduction to the project: 

The Oneida County Department of Planning is involved in a project to develop a Comprehensive Greenway Plan for the Mohawk River Corridor within Oneida County. The project is made possible through a Quality Communities grant provided by the NYS Department of State with an in-kind match provided by Oneida County .  The NYS Department of Transportation and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation are key agency partners in the project.

As the key product of this project, the Greenway Plan identifies key sites along the corridor that offer opportunities for recreation, open space preservation, flood plain protection, stormwater management, historic preservation, protection of critical environmental resources, river access, wildlife habitat protection, wetland restoration, and public education.   In addition, the plan identifies specific actions, activities, and recommendations that will provide for a linkage of these resources and the various programs that exist.

The project has placed an emphasis on the planning process - especially the development of partnerships and public involvement within multiple communities in Oneida County that are traversed by the Mohawk River corridor. These communities include portions of the Cities of Utica and Rome , the Towns of Whitestown, Marcy, Deerfield and Floyd and various villages. A number of local, state, and regional agencies are partners in the project as well as representatives of the general public.

Project Goals and Objectives:  The goals and objectives of this project are to:

1) identify and protect key open space and natural areas having ecological, environmental, recreational, scenic and educational value within the corridor;

2) improve intermunicipal coordination as it relates to the great potential that exists for linking respective community centers and managing common resources;

3) provide for enhanced recreation and health benefits;

4) ensure continued compatible development and opportunities for new economic development;

5) provide alternative transportation modes; and

6) improve flooding and stormwater management capabilities in affected municipalities.

Project Documents:   The following documents provide more specific information on the progress of the project…….

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November 2008 - "Creating a Greenway in Oneida County:  
Part of the Mohawk River Corridor"

Greenway Plan Map Inserts

Public Workshop Summary

Workshop Question Booklet

Questionnaire Results

Environmental & Ecology Focus Group Notes

Economic Development & Tourism Focus Group Notes

Transportation & Circulation Focus Group Notes

2006 Canalway Trail User Count