Long Range Transportation Plan Update 2015-2035 (LRTP UPDATE 2035)

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a 20-year planning vision that identifies transportation goals, needs, funding, and regional trends for Herkimer and Oneida Counties. The Plan is responsive to the needs of a broad population and addresses major transportation planning concerns including: highways, bridges, public transit, rail, freight, bicyclists, pedestrians, aviation and canals. The Plan helps to ensure that federal transportation funds are allocated effectively in order to improve mobility, support economic progress and protect the environment. The plan is required to be updated in 5-year intervals to ensure that federal transportation funding is programmed in responsible, collaborative and coordinated manner.

The LRTP Update 2035 was approved by the GP&L on December 18, 2014.  The resolution of approval is available here HOCTS Res 2014-29

The LRTP Update 2035 can be downloaded by clicking on the individual PDF files below:

Cover/ Table of Contents/ List of Figures
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Priority Areas: Goals & Objectives
Chapter 3 - Plan Requirements
Chapter 4 - Facts, Figures and Demographics
Chapter 5 - Highways, Pavement and Bridges
Chapter 6 - Transit
Chapter 7 - Bicycles/Pedestrians/Non-Motorized Transportation/Canal
Chapter 8 - Rail
Chapter 9 - Aviation
Chapter 10 - Safety and Security
Chapter 11 - Public Participation
Chapter 12 - Performance Measures
Chapter 13 - Financing Structure for the Plan
Appendix A Summary of Long Range Projects and Regional Transportation Needs
Appendix B Public Participation Documentation
Appendix C Federal Standards