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6th Annual Youth Fun & Fitness Run

The 2022 Youth Fun & Fitness Run was completed on Thursday August 11th at the MVCC outdoor track.  The Youth Fun & Fitness Run once again offered the youth of Oneida County a physical fitness component and an educational experience.  Over 125 children and their families highlighted this annual event.

The weather was perfect and 50 children ages 4-13 participated in their respective age specific race. 

  • 4-6 yr. olds = 11 runners
  • 7-8 yr. olds = 23 runners
  • 9-10 yr. olds = 10 runners
  • 11-13 yr. olds = 6 runners

Director of the Oneida County Youth Bureau Kevin Green said; “We were very pleased with the number of youth that participated after being sidelined over the past 2 years.  The goal of the Youth Fun & Fitness Run is to educate kids about valuing their health, valuing life, and making good overall health choices.”

To our sponsors:

  • Wal Mart
  • Oneida County Sheriff’s Office
  • Fidelis

Whether monetary or in kind donation, your efforts to collaborate and educate was made loud and clear; all thanks to your support and teamwork.  The Oneida County Health Department and Oneida County Youth Bureau are grateful for what you provided for our youth.  

We would like to thank and recognize the following for donating healthy snacks and other related items/services to the participants of the 2022 Youth Fun & Fitness Run:

  • MVCC Event Staff
  • The Utica Zoo Mobile
  • The Boilermaker (Medals, T-Shirts and Water Bottles)
  • American Dining Creations (Apples, Oranges, and Bottled Water)
  • Emblem Health (Tooth Brushes, Floss and Lip Balm)


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To our educational presenters:

  • Oneida County Health Department
  • Oneida County Sheriff’s Office
  • Oneida County Stop DWI 
  • The Fitness Mill  
  • SNAP-Ed New York
  • Connected Community Schools
  • Helio Health
  • United Way
  • Project Hope

We thank you for your commitment to the health and well-being of Oneida County’s youth.

Dr. Dan Gilmore, Director of Oneida County Health Department said, “We always look forward to being a part of an event to educate Oneida County’s youth about making healthy choices and learning to live a healthy lifestyle.”

A special thank you goes out to Captain Christine W. Reilly from the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and to the Mohawk Valley Police Academy recruits for volunteering to run side-by-side with the youth of Oneida County in the 2022 Youth Fun & Fitness Run.  You are all the best and we are thankful for your continued protection and commitment to service within Oneida County!     

5th FREE Baseball Skills Clinic

After two long years, finally the Oneida County Youth Bureau completed its 5th FREE Baseball Skills Clinic on Wednesday July 20th held at historic Donovan Stadium in Utica.  The weather was picture perfect for the youth of Oneida County to participate and attend this FREE one day event.  The Skills Clinic, presented by the Utica Blue Sox players and coaching staff, entertained 80 Oneida County youth that took advantage of an amazingly well run, organized and structured baseball learning experience.

Kevin Green, Oneida County Youth Bureau Director said: “The collaboration effort from the Utica Blue Sox organization was first class from start to finish.”  Green added, “Our youth, both boys and girls represented from all across Oneida County were treated to an enthusiastic foundation of baseball knowledge.”

Much credit goes to the Utica Blue Sox players and coaching staff for their “first class” approach to giving back to our community.  Every Utica Blue Sox representative in attendance made an investment in to our kid’s future by giving of their time and volunteering their baseball knowledge to our children.  Kids need heroes and the Blue Sox did not disappoint at this event!  Great job to George Deak (Owner) of the Utica Blue Sox for bringing in a wonderful group of young men to Oneida County! 

12th Annual Sidewalk Art Contest Summary

After being sidelined in 2020 and 2021 the 12th Annual Sidewalk Art Contest was once again offered to Oneida County youth in partnership with Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute.  The kids had a perfect weather day to create all types and styles of inspiring masterpieces. Children in age specific categories; 5-7, 8-10, 11-13 and 14-18 had the opportunity to draw a positive image on a single sidewalk slab with chalk donated from Walmart and Target.

There was a total of 85 youth who competed in the finals of the 2022 Oneida County Youth Bureau Sidewalk Art Contest. Where applicable, medals were presented to the top three (3) finishers in each age category.

“The kids artistic abilities and positive self-expressions were beautifully designed for all to be amazed,” Oneida County Youth Bureau Director Kevin Green said. “The kids decorated the sidewalk with pride, a lot of creative thought, and their energy was refreshing. This event would not be possible without the support of our fantastic partners; Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Walmart and Target. Our partners give the youth of Oneida County an opportunity to experience one of the crown jewels in Oneida County, Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute,” Green added.

The Youth Bureau would like to extend a special thank you to our 2022 Sidewalk Art Contest judges, Melanie Adams, Karen Pensero-Shanley and Kaytlynn Lynch!!

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, July 13, 2023 to participate in the finals of our 13th Annual Sidewalk Art Contest. The event is free and will once again be hosted at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute.


The Oneida County Youth Bureau looks forward to having your youth participate and be a part of this popular, fun-filled event as WE WORK TOGETHER to provide all our Oneida County youth with safe, positive and innovative programs.

For more information on the Sidewalk Art Contest or any of our other initiatives, please contact the Oneida County Youth Bureau at 315-798-5027 or visit our website

2022 Sidewalk Art Contest Champions


5-7 Age Category


1st Place: Joie McNeil

Our Lady of Lourdes

2nd Place: Samiyah LaPage

Thea Bowman

3rd Place: Charlie Day

Our Lady of Lourdes



8-10 Age Category


1st Place: Emma King

Our Lady of Lourdes

2nd Place: Mason Day

Our Lady of Lourdes

3rd Place: Lydia Shafer

Our Lady of Lourdes



11-13 Age Category


1st Place: Selah Kastner


2nd Place: Tristan Zawada

Our Lady of Lourdes

3rd Place: Olivia Flansburg

Oneida County



14-18 Age Category


1st Place: Abigail Mays


2nd Place: Andrew Holzhauer


3rd Place: Cello Quinn




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