What We Do

RIAC2 can take referrals regarding noncitizens in Criminal and Family Courts, in the Central New York Region 2 area, from anyone, e.g. attorney, advocate (personal or organization), family member, prosecutor, judge, etc. We do not provide direct client representation; we work with the client’s assigned attorney. When we are contacted, we will need some basic information, such as:

  • Client’s name,
  • Court they are in,
  • Attorneys name, and
  • Next court date.

With this information, we will contact the noncitizen’s attorney in order to obtain further information that is needed to provide specific advice for that noncitizen’s potential immigration consequences. The information we will need to provide affirmative, competent advice includes:

  • Client’s date of birth and country of birth,
  • Client’s immigration status (e.g. LPR, Visa holder, Refugee, Asylee, Undocumented),
  • Client’s initial date into the US and any/all subsequent dates to and from the US (if any),
  • Client’s current/ pending charges or petitions against the client in Criminal and/or Family Court,
  • Client’s prior criminal history (e.g. specific charges, disposition, arrest and sentencing dates),
  • Client’s prior or pending immigration matters (e.g. pending immigration court proceeding or application for an immigration benefit),
  • Client’s “immediate family” residing in the US (e.g. parents, grandparents, souse and/or children along with each of their immigration status).

Once this information is received, we will generate an advisal letter that satisfies the requirements outlined in Padilla v. Kentucky. The advisal letter will include:

  • an analysis of the client’s immigration status,
  • an analysis of prior criminal convictions against the client as they affect immigration status,
  • an analysis of the current/ pending charges against the client as they affect immigration status, which includes the areas of:
    • Deportation,
    • Inadmissibility, and
    • Future Applications (e.g. Green Card, US Citizenship)
  • an analysis of the offer or offer possible dispositions that are immigration-safe or immigration-friendly as they affect the client’s immigration status.

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