Projects and Documents

New EV Charging Station Location Form
GP&L Membership 2022
2021 Environmental Justice Analysis
2021 - 2024 Public Transportation - Human Services Coordinated Plan
UPWP 2022 – 2023
Annual List of Federal Obligated Projects for FFY 2020
HOCTS TIP 2020-2025
Long Range Transportation Plan
Self Certification HOCTS Res 2019-18
2020 Public Participation Plan
2021 Update Section 5310 Project List
Final EJ Analysis 2016
HOCTS 2017 – 2020 Coordinated Public Transit – Human Services Plan
GP&L Membership 2021
HOCTS UPWP 2020-2021
HOCTC UPWP 2021-22
Public Participation Plan 2016 Update
HOCTS UPWP 2019-20
HOCTS TIP 2017-2021
Long Range Transportation Plan Update 2015-2035 (LRTP UPDATE 2035)
Mohawk Valley Electric Vehicle Charging Station Plan
North Genesee Street Corridor Management Study Final Draft
North Genesee Street Corridor Study Appendices
Oneida County GP&L Membership Charter
Herkimer County GP&L Membership Charter
Revised GP&L Bylaws 1973
Appendix D of the HOCTS 2017-2021 TIP; Performance Measure Narrative for 2017 – 2021 TIP
HOCTS 2014 Coordinated Plan with Addendum 5-28-15
Union Station
Route 12B Corridor Study
Procurement Guidelines for Purchases and Construction Projects funded with FTA and NYSDOT Funds
Updated Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan with Addendum- June 2014
Utica North-South Arterial Corridor Study Executive Summary
Utica North-South Arterial Corridor Concept Study-Final Report March 2007
Mohawk Valley Regional ITS Architecture