Community Service

The purpose of Offenders sentenced to perform Community Service either independently or part of their Probation conditions, is for the Offender to give back to the community in which it violated the public trust. The underlying concept for Community Service is the idea that a person should be given the opportunity and the mandate to feel the plight of those less fortunate and be generous with their time and effort as a means of rehabilitation. To see the heart-break and struggle of the community around them and put their hands to labor for those in need and find the meaning in selfless acts of kindness, which in turn CAN change the attitude and perspective of the Offender.

If you have been sentenced to perform Community Service you can read more information about the expectations and the process as listed below along with the contact person:

Nancy Brown - Community Service Coordinator (315) 798-5914 or email her at:

  • Defendant will receive a letter within two weeks of sentencing with a date and time to report to the Probation Department to discuss placement.
  • Utica Area- Reporting days are on Tuesdays between 1:00-4:00pm at the Utica Office.
  • Rome Area- Reporting days are on Thursdays between 1:00-4:00pm at the Rome Office.
  • Prior to placement defendants can brainstorm ideas of where to perform their Community Service to discuss with this officer at their Placement meeting.
  • Community Service must be performed at a nonprofit organization (churches, public libraries, schools, soup kitchens, animal shelters, etc.
  • This officer must approve all placements.
  • Helping elderly does not count as Community Service unless done through an organization.
  • Defendants must check with this officer before switching placements.
  • If Community Service is not done by given deadline or if the defendant fails to attend placement meetings a violation letter will be forwarded to the Court.
  • See List below for main sites used in Utica along with contact info (please contact this officer before going to these sites as some get filled up and will not accept volunteers) :
Boys and Girls Club Parkway Welcome Hall
Boys and Girls Club East Side Salvation Army
Community Food Bank Jervis Public Library
Salvation Army Soup Kitchen Veteran Outreach
Salvation Army Thrift Store (50 hours or more)  
Hope House  
Adirondack Railroad  


Humane Society