Thea Bowman House

Agency:  Thea Bowman House

Volunteer Projects:   Neighborhood Clean-Up, Community Gardening, Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Summary:  On Friday April 12, 2013 youth volunteers cleaned their neighborhood and the parking lot/playground at the DeSales Center. They picked up trash, recycled when called for and swept the sidewalks and parking lot. Their efforts improved the appearance and made the parking lot and playground safer for the children to play. The DeSales tenants and office staff remarked that the grounds never looked so good. They also commented that it was nice to see children of all races working together volunteering their time.

From early June through October youth volunteers grew vegetables and herbs from seeds and transplanted them to three garden locations at the Utica Public Library, the park at Linwood Court and the Refugee Center. The vegetables were given to the Thea Bowman food pantry for distribution to their clients. The youth volunteers discovered new abilities that they didn’t realize they had, found great satisfaction seeing the results of their hard work and knowing that their work benefitted people in need. This project involved education, intergenerational communication and also beautified the community.

On Tuesday November 26, 2013, youth volunteers helped families in need at Thanksgiving. They unloaded 50 boxes of food from a truck, carried the boxes and cases of turkeys to the auditorium and arranged the food baskets for pickup. After the families in need received their food baskets and turkey, the youth volunteers cleaned the auditorium. The youth volunteers were very happy to help those in need and the initiative opened their eyes to how many people were in need. The families were impressed at how polite, pleasant and hard-working the youth volunteers were.

Youth Volunteers:  75                                                       Volunteer Hours:  34.5