Placement Assistance Program


A Patient Review Instrument (PRI) /SCREEN are required before any person can enter a skilled nursing facility.  A PRI is used to determine the level of care a person requires. The SCREEN determines. The type of facility that can best meet that person’s needs.

A PRI assessment is very thorough and includes medical conditions, treatments and medications needed, special diets or therapies needed, physical and mental abilities and limitations, ability to perform acts of daily living such as eating, moving and toileting, and behaviors such as aggressiveness and disruptiveness.

The SCREEN uses information gathered from the PRI and has two purposes. The first is to determine a person’s potential to be appropriately cared for in a setting other than a residential Health Care Facility (RHCF) the second is to assess persons being recommended for RHCF placement for possible mental illness and/or mental retardation or developmental disabilities.

A PRI/SCREEN is not required for a person who wants/requires an Adult Home level of Care or Assisted Living level of Care (ALPS)

Prior to requesting a PRI/SCREEN, for placement in a facility, the family should discuss placement with your loved one and submit an application for each facility that the PRI/SCREEN will be sent.

The PRI/SCREEN for RHCF placement should be requested no more than 90 days prior to admission.

For more information please call 315-798-5456