The Neighborhood Center

Agency: The Neighborhood Center

Volunteer Projects: Missing and Exploited Children, Decorating at Hope House, Cooking meals at the Rescue Mission, Community Garden and Intergenerational Activities, Community Clean-Up and Operation Sunshine

Summary: On a weekly basis throughout 2012, youth volunteers aided the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children by folding flyers and stuffing envelopes for circulation.

On an on-going basis throughout 2012, youth volunteers provided a number of services; decorating, setting tables for meals, preparing and serving meals at the Hope House and Rescue Mission.

Youth volunteers volunteered their time to till, weed, plant and care for vegetables at the community garden at Mt. Carmel Apartments. Their volunteer efforts provided the elders of Mt. Carmel Apartments with fresh vegetables through the summer and fall months. They also provide socialization to the elders by partaking in many intergenerational activities at Mt. Carmel apartments.

Youth volunteers participated in a community clean-up focusing their efforts in East Utica. They cleaned streets and properties within the Neighborhood Center community; making them cleaner and safer.

Youth volunteers prepared food boxes for Operation Sunshine.